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NOTE: This pony is actually based of of me. I seriously have these traits

I am awesome, screw you and deal with it.




Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Gamer
Eyes Dark grayish apple green
Mane Dark gamboge

Pale, light grayish gamboge

Coat Pale, light grayish apple green
Hair Bows Moderate Spring Green
Cutie mark
A game controller

Cyber scream s cutie mark by internationaltck-d4v9rkv

Voice Mary M. (.Kitsune)
Owner USer:.Kitsune

Kitsune is the "ponyfied" version of .Kitsune. These traits are actually .Kitsune's.


Kitsune has a rude, cold and quiet outer shell. She doesn't really talk to ponies she doesn't know very well. However, she can be kind at times. She is brutally honest and is passive-aggressive. She often gets herself into trouble and acts before thinking. Kitsune has a strong sense of justice and is very prideful, which also gets her into unwanted trouble. Despite all of this, she is very loyal towards her friends.


Kitsune has a thick brown and light brown mane which tied up by a large green bow. Her bangs are partially swept into her face, almost touching her dark brown eyes. Her tail is styled the same way, with its own bow. Her coat is a very light greenish-yellow.


Kitsune has ADHD, which makes doing schoolwork, or any work hard to focus on. She denies the fact she actually has ADHD and pretends like it's not even there, but has to take medicine for it anyways.