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Race Southern Mountaineer
Gender Female
Feral? No
Militarily active? Yes
Occupation within the military Soldier
Base Sparanthur Air Corps Base, Sparanthur Domain, Narudea
Length 220 ft
Wingspan 210 ft
Square footage (length x width) 46,200 ft
Eyes Red
Dorsal Plates Solid dark red plates with spikes on either end, with gaps between each plate
Nicknames Mao
Relatives Three brothers, a mother and a father
Voice Moderately deep; young but full of intelligence beyond her days. Think Jennifer Hale, but just a little higher pitched.
Dragoneer Gowen Lewardtheangu

Maoraena is a Southern Mountaineer dragon and one of the two main characters of the Red Dragon Rising series, the other being her dragoneer (rider), Gowen Lewardtheangu. The youngest of four siblings, she is 23 years old as of the start of the core series.


Maoraena is regarded as an extremely beautiful dragon by everyone she's met. Being a Southern Mountaineer, her overall physique is limber-looking but strong. Her head is among the most gorgeous parts of her body; the nose is bare skin, firm but not tough. The scales start around her bright red eyes, with long, outward-pointing scales surrounding them. The scales continue along the crown of her head, developing a distinct jagged crest as they pass between her long and graceful horns coming out of the back of her skull; the crested scales continue along her spine all the way to the tail tip, with the crest reaching its peak size just behind the base of her head and getting smaller until they reach the tail tip. A similar (although flatter) set of crested scales can be found on her underside, starting on her chest between her shoulders and passing all the way, once again, to the tip of her tail. The rest of her scales overlap each other in intricate, rearward-pointing, chevron-shaped patterns, which, in direct light, work together with her naturally shiny and vibrant scales to create mesmerizing, stunning patterns of light, quite unlike any other known dragon.


Maoraena is very lighthearted and happy, always smiling and ready with a witty joke or funny voice no matter the situation. She considers humor to be the most important aspect of life, as it has helped her through some very dark times, not only as a hatchling in a dragon tribe roaming the Dragon Domains, but also after fleeing and being forced to learn the culture of Narudea while roaming free as a homeless dragon. Another thing that's helped her through tough times is her intelligence and perceptiveness. Although she's still largely unfamiliar with the culture of humans and of Narudea, the fact that she's smart as a whip has helped her adapt to new situations and figure out the best way to solve problems. Her perception allows her to quickly assess someone's personality and, when the time arises, plot out different ways to get what she needs from them.

She's also very kind, thoughtful and generous (often despite her situation), and likes to remind herself that no matter how hard she has it, it can always get harder. Mao also tries her hardest to see the good in people and to be absolutely honest at all times, though she'll be the first to admit that this makes her overly trusting and naive to a fault, which has gotten her into trouble more than once in the past. Every time she's been in a bad situation, though, her determination (she calls it stubbornness), intelligence, perception, strength, and sometimes her ability to breathe fire have gotten her out of it.


  • Mao speaks and moves in a manner almost identical to a human, which is in line with many other dragons in the RDR universe.

Family and close onesEdit

  • Tolaraena, mother
  • Ataroezac, father
  • Akaraen, eldest brother
  • Togaraen, middle brother
  • Metaraen, youngest brother
  • Gowen Lewardtheangu, dragoneer