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In the name of Lord Death, I have come to swallow your kishin soul!

–Resonance to a kishin



Kind Equestrian Shinigami (Death Horse)
Sex Female
Occupation Collector of Tainted Souls
Eyes Lemon Yellow
Mane Grey, Tundora
Coat Grey Black (Feathers)
Relatives Death the Kid (Creator)

Solar Flare (Future Husband) Suncatcher (Future Daughter)

Cutie mark
None, she is a god.
Voice Mary M.
Owner User:.Kitsune

Resonance is a fragment of Death the Kid's soul. She was created to protect Equestria from the Kishin Demons. Resonance roams over Equestria Collecting Kishin Souls.  She is the love interest of Solar Flare.


Resonance is a laid back grey pegasus Shinigami (Death God) who is the current protector of Equestria.  She currently hunts down Kishin and swallows their souls.


Resonance is very laid back for a Death God. Her favorite past time is sleeping, which is something she does for fun. (Death Gods do not need sleep) She likes to "play it cool" and acts all rough and tough. However, Resonance takes her job very serious as a Shinigami.  Resonance rarely cracks under pressure, but when agitated, has a very foul temper and language.


Resonance is a grey pegasus with grey and black wings. Her eyes are a pale yellow and her grey and dark grey mane is frizzy and has a swept back quiff. Her color scheme is grey and dark grey. (Minus the wings and eyes)


Resonance, like most Death Gods can reap souls and send them to Heaven or Hell. She can use Soul Resonance, a technique which destroys a kishin completely.  Resonance also has the ability to "eat" souls like one would eat food.  "Witch Hunter" is also another one of her moves, which kills all the tainted souls within a mile, and purifies the good souls, however she can only do this if she is in true danger.


Being CreatedEdit

The Kishin were released by Medusa Gorgon, about 200 years after Twilight Sparkle died. These Kishin fed on the power of the pony souls. Nothing in Equestria could stop the kishin and the world was plunged in darkness and death for a long time.
Resonance was created upon being discovered the Kishin have moved into the Equestrian World. Death the Kid and Lord Death decided to create Resonance and send her to Equestria. They each took a small fragment of their soul and placed her in an actual body. That of a young girl's, who lost her life due to loss of soul. This new being, Resonance was sent out upon creation to Equestria and was closely monitored. The operation of creating Resonance was a success, this new creature was finally stable enough to battle the Kishin.

Arriving in EquestriaEdit

Due to the help of a former witch's magic, Resonance was finally forced out of the Soul Eater world and into Equestria. At first, obviously, Resonance was very confused. Death the Kid contacted her, and told her why she was in Equestria. Resonance was instructed to go out and kill the Kishin demons and swallow their souls. At first, Resonance was curious to her existence. "Why was I made?" "Who am I?" The kishin were heavily populating Equestria and Resonance had to do her job and fight them. Not because she cared about the ponies, but knew how terrorizing the Kishin truly were.


Solar FlareEdit

Resonance saved Solar Flare from a group of kishin, Solar Flare let her live in his home as a thank-you. The tow became friends and later on.. Solar Flare falls in love with Resonance. Sometime in the future, they get married and have a child, whom is also will become a kishin hunter.


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