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Solar Flare


Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Weather pony
Eyes Goldernrod
Mane Tangerine and Blood Orange
Coat Chardonay and Red (feathers)
Relatives Resonance (Future Wife)
Cutie mark
A red sun
Voice His own
Owner USer:.Kitsune

General InfoEdit


Solar Flare is a shy and skittish stallion. He stutters a lot and often hides from other ponies. When you get to know him, he is very sweet. Solar Flare is also very paranoid that somepony will get hurt and he will be the one hurting them. However, he is very loyal and is willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. He hates violence, and prefers to use his mind to talk things over. Solar Flare prefers to use his mind instead of actions, unlike Resonance.


Solar Flare is an averagely built Pegasus stallion. His coat colour is something of a cream with an orange tinge. His wings are red. His mane and tail are styled into a "chopped" mo-hawk, with Tangerine and Redish orange stripes. His large eyes are a pale gold colour.


Like all pegasi, he can fly, but upon meeting Resonance, she taught him how to use his soul wavelength to defend himself against the kishin. Because of his constant flying and cloud-kicking he has some muscle on him, making him stronger.


Not much is known about Solar Flare's early past, except her was raised by a loving family, prior to the kishin being released into Equestria. He had heard of some pony destroying these kishin but had no idea who she was. That all changed when he was attacked and wounded by some kishin, he was sure he was done for until that pony, Resonance saved him. She invited him to her house to tend to his wound. Resonance taught him how to use his soul wavelength to protect himself. They hung out more until they developed feelings for each other, eventually they got married and currently have one child.



Solar Flare met Resonance while being attacked by kishin. Resonance saved his life. He and Resonance became friends and bonded instantly. Solar Flare and Resonance hanged out a lot more and Solar Flare eventually had feelings toward her. He does not know how to tell her, but Resonance already knows.

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