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Yeah, I'm half god. I know I'm awesome~.

–Suncatcher showing off



Kind Shinigami/Pegasus hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Kishin Hunter
Eyes Selective Yellow


Mane Orange


Coat Picasso

Yellow (wings)

Relatives Resonance (Mother)

Solar Flare (Father)

Cutie mark
None, she is a half-god
Voice Her own
Owner User:.Kitsune

Suncatcher is the daughter of Resonance and Solar Flare. She is a pony-shinigami (Death God) hybrid. Suncatcher is a Kishin Hunter like her mom. Suncatcher is the love interest of Lightning Bolt


Suncatcher is laid back like her mom. She is very kind and relaxed. Suncatcher loves to fly and have fun. However, she can be rude at first but can turn out to be a nice pony. She is very stubborn and will not give up her point of view until she decides it is wrong. Her laid back attitude makes other ponies feel at ease. Suncatcher loves showing off to impress other ponies and to make them smile.


Suncatcher is an averagely built teenage pegasus. Her coat is cream with a yellow tinge. Her eyes are different colors, her left being red and her right being a darker yellow. Her mane is orange with grey streaks, styled with some of her bangs swept towards her face and some on her shoulder. Her outer wings are s bright yellow in color.


Like all pegasi, Suncatcher can fly, in fact that is what her job is. As being part Shinigami (About 60%) her soul is incredibly strong, but she chooses not to use it because she doesn't think she is ready yet. Her muscles are stronger as well, also she has a longer life span (About twice of that of a normal pony) because she is part Shinigami. (Death God) Suncatcher also was taught some martial arts by her mother. Despite all of this, she does not have the full potential of an actual shinigami.



Suncatcher is close to her mom, but they treat each other like best friends instead of a mother and a daughter. They kill Kishin together.

Solar FlareEdit

Suncatcher is daddy's little girl, and she takes after him more than her mom. They hang out a lot and spend lots of time with each other.


  • Suncatcher was named ofter those suncatcher things you paint and hang on the window.
  • Suncatcher's look was inspired by Spitfire
  • This is the 15th page
  • Suncatcher's personality was based off of .Kitsune's little brother
  • This is .Kitsune's 3rd favorite oc