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The main plot in The Dead Wastes is that Canada nuked America over a very highly escalated dispute about shared resources on and around their borders. In 2015, America became obsessed with acquiring any and all resources on their side of the American-Canadian border. They sent out "scavengers" to get all resources they could find, including metal, lumber, and minerals. However, some scavengers became over-enthusiastic and crossed the border to steal resources. Canada discovered this in 2016 and declared war prematurely on America. America and Canada fought for two years before Canada took the ultimate step and nuked America six times. For two years America survived in a nuclear wasteland, which is where the story is now.

Important Post-War EventsEdit

In 2018, Canada nuked America, ending the war in Canadian favor. America's government fell apart completely, mostly due to the complete destruction of Washington D.C. Following the fall of America's democratic system, many Americans formed several large groups. These groups revolved around religion, fighting, and survival. Important groups included the Vultures, a group of scavengers from the North who still attempt to gather materials to build survival forts around America; the Raven Cult, a religious group of people who believe that any who don't follow their religion must be burned; and the Cyborgs, a group of very technical people who build machines and mechanical objects, which they then supply to others - for a cost.